Basics of Sikhi Academy Documentary 2017-18 Promo

Basics of Sikhi Academy Documentary 2017-18 Promo

RELEASE DATE: 5th July 2018

In this documentary, follow the journey of the students of BoS Academy class 2017-18, from their initial introduction and first reactions at the beginning of the course to their closing testimonials at the end.

This documentary provides an insight into how the Academy runs from the view of the students, how the students benefited from the course and how they found the whole experience. Whether you are considering applying for the Academy or support more parchar (education) taking place in the Panth (Sikh community), check out this video to learn more about BoS Academy, which is one of the main projects of Everythings13.

A huge thank you to Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Walsall UK and their sevadaars (volunteers) for their continued support with Everythings13 and Basics of Sikhi Academy.

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Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everythings 13, an educational charity dedicated to spreading the wisdom of the Sikh Gurus.
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Vaheguru Simran in the Intro and Outro is how Sikhs chant God’s name. It’s performed by Jagdeep Kaur of

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