Discover The Basics About Peak Oil & Energy | There’s No Tomorrow | Animated Film

Discover The Basics About Peak Oil & Energy | There’s No Tomorrow | Animated Film

A very entertaining and informative animated film about peak oil and energy. A film by Dermot O’Connor.

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“The inspiration for the film: in November 2004, on the night of the final Bush/Kerry debate, Professor David Goodstein, Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Caltech, gave a public lecture on the subject of Peak Oil and Energy.

Goodstein, who at the time was Provost of Caltech, explained the essentials of the issue, and the problems with the numerous alternatives to fossil fuels. By the end of the hour it was clear that the next few decades were likely to be difficult. Goodstein concluded the lecture with the following prediction:

“Human civilization as we know it will end, sometime in the 21st century.”

He added that he hoped that making the prediction might alter the outcome of the prediction – in other words, the outcome is not set in stone, and there may still be time to prevent the collapse. Or as the proverb says:

“Unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are heading”.

Even after Goodstein’s lecture, doubts remained. What if his figures were incorrect, and the supply of oil was much larger than expected? What if decades or centuries of oil reserves remained, as some claimed? This question was resolved a few months later on viewing Professor Al Bartlett’s video lecture: “Arithmetic, Population and Energy”

Professor Bartlett’s mathematical explanation of the consequences of exponential expansion is relentless. Regardless of where humans stand on the graph of resource use, it was now clear that there were hard limits to growth – and that those limits would be reached, sooner or later – whether or not in our lifetimes.

Fast forward a few months, to early 2005: watching friends in a local Los Angeles Peak Oil group try to work a crowd of passers-by at an anti-war event. Handing out pamphlets as political actions might have been effective in previous decades, but in 2005 it seemed futile. Hence, the idea to animate a short introduction to Peak Oil – to condense the information for those who didn’t have the time or desire to sift through dozens of websites and books.”

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