Scratch Building with Styrene – Tools & Techniques

Scratch Building with Styrene – Tools & Techniques

Building models from scratch can be difficult… but with a bit of practice and some patience you’ll be surprised how easy it is to build something that you’ll be proud of!

Styrene is usually the material of choice for a lot of modelers who scratch build models however you can use all sorts of materials like balsa wood, bass wood, different types of plastic, paper and even recycled material from around the house.

In this tutorial I’ll step you through the process of building a simple railway station in HO Scale using some very useful tools and very basic techniques, there’s nothing fancy being done here just yet… Although having the right tools does make the job much easier.

Nearly all of the tools I used in the video were at one point or another purchased from Micro-Mark, the main ones I use are:

5/16th Corner Punch
Airbrush Moisture Trap
Bachmann Adjustable Magnetic Clamps

To name a few, if you too would like to use the same tools I do and you plan to buy them at don’t forget you can get 10% off the purchase price by using the promo code ‘boulder’.

For more information about building with styrene and more specific plans on building this exact structure be sure to check out:

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