The Incredible Power of Silk Worms | Science Documentary

The Incredible Power of Silk Worms | Science Documentary

Could silk worms save the planet? These marvelous creatures have abilities which offer a solution to the plastic waste crisis. Their thread is strong, workable and versatile. This visually stunning science documentary shows how insects can help us solve some of science’s biggest problems – from producing biofuel to killing drug-resistant bacteria and curing cancer.

Insects are the most diverse group of animals on the planet, making up more than 90% of the animals on Earth. They can be found on all continents, in all climates. Nature has equipped them with an amazing range of tricks. Some of them produce the strongest materials on earth to protect their bodies. Others have the most effective immune systems of the animal kingdom – far better than ours. And some have developed ingenious solutions to turn waste into energy. Wouldn’t it be great to learn some of their tricks?

Using custom-made cameras and special filming techniques, this film takes us deep into a world that is completely alien to ours but offers astonishingly ingenious solutions to our everyday problems.

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