Tutorial: How to Shoot a Ramping Sunset Motion Time-lapse – Morten Rustad

Tutorial: How to Shoot a Ramping Sunset Motion Time-lapse – Morten Rustad

Morten Rustad is a professional time-lapse photographer based in Oslo, Norway, and in this video presents his second tutorial with Syrp: How to set up and edit a sunset panning motion time-lapse.

See some of Morten’s previous work here: www.rustadmedia.com

In this filmmaking guide, Morten uses the Genie Mini to capture the dynamic lighting changes of a Norwegian sunset. Showing you everything from composing your image to manually adjusting your ISO and editing your final time-lapse, this video is a must-watch for budding time-lapse photographers!

In the field:
00:42 – Location scouting
00:55 – Using Google Earth + PhotoPills to track the sun
01:27 – Packing essential gear for location shoots
02:02 – Camera + lens choice
02:12 – Start frame composition
02:52 – Setting your exposure
03:12 – Manually adjusting your ISO + camera settings
04:00 – Set time-lapse parameters with PhotoPills
04:32 – Setting your rotation
04:53 – Setting Interval
05:14 – Recording your time-lapse

Post Production:
05:50 – Importing to Lightroom and LRTimelapse
06:24 – Adjusting photos
06:46 – Deflickering
07:08 – Final Adjustments

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Gear Used in this Filmmaking Guide:
Sony A7Rii:
Sony 16-35mm:
Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter:
Syrp Genie Mini: l


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